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2016 Prom Style Trends for Guys + Girls

Tip and Trends

  April 1, 2016

Let’s face it: the most important part about Prom is the fashion! Guys and girls think all year about what they want to wear, what their hair should look like, what accessories to match with! It is a year long battle filled with the ups and downs of shopping and trying things on trying to find a cool tuxedos and gorgeous dresses. Well do not fret, our style gurus here at Friar Tux Shop have compiled a list of trends that are sure to be a hit at prom this year.

We believe that society has not given the younger generation enough credit in pushing the boundaries with style. This generation is not afraid of prints and bold accessories. Women are embracing menswear and pixie hairstyles in feminine ways. Heck, the MAN BUN is in style! This list is modernizing Prom. Here we come Prom 2016!

Let’s Start with Prom Looks for Guys:

So you asked the special person and they said yes! Awesome, check that off your list of things accomplished! Now let’s get down to business: What are you wearing!? Here is a newsflash for all: you Do Not have to wear black. As much as we love a great fitting black tuxedo rental for prom, we have broadened our options with new tux colors and all types of tuxedos! You can wear a grey suit, a blue tux, a burgundy tux, a tan tuxedo, or a white with black tux. Sometimes a colored tuxedo compliments your date’s outfit and your personal style much better than a black and white look.

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Shop our maroon tux, blue tux and grey suit.

Styling Your Tux From Head to Toe!
You picked out your tuxedo, now what? Here are our suggestions from head to toe:

Think about your prom hair a bit in advance. If you’re going to get a haircut or try a new style get it cut a few days before prom. That way you can understand how to style it to perfection the day of. You do not want to get a hairstyle the day of, and be frantically trying to fix it with product that you are not used to using. Here are our hottest men’s hairstyles that you should rock for prom:

men hairstyles for prom, prom hair for guys

Jewelry, Not Just For Women:
Don’t worry, we are not telling you to wear long dangle earrings like J-Lo. Men are able to accessorize with so many more options now!
Rose gold and custom pieces are very in style right now. These pieces show trends that are fashionable with keeping it masculine.

mens prom accessories, guys jewelry for prom

Try a lapel pin for a boutonniere!
Why be traditional when you can be trendy?! We sell lapel pins in our 31 stores. They keep with the boutonniere theme while making it modern. These floral lapel pins can be used in our suit or tuxedo for occasions other than Prom and are cheaper than buying a real flower! Show off your swag with these pins in many colors and textures!

white lapel pin copy, floral fabric lapel pin for prom on a blue suit

Started From the Top and Now We’re Here…At the Bottom!
Okay, so that is not exactly how the song goes, but hey we made it to the end of your outfit: the SHOES! Prom brings about many different types of shoes: dress shoe, Vans, sneakers, wing tip, or even patterned shoes. These shoes are all great, but a way to step it up (pun intended) is by altering your pants to have “no break” and adding a fun sock. What we mean by break is how long your pants are, by shortening them just a tad to see a hint of a colored/patterned sock shoes sophistication and style (and lucky you- we sell patterned prom socks at our stores!).

new mens colored socks, cool prom socks, patterned socks for prom

Don’t think we forgot about you ladies!

We might specialize in menswear, but that does not mean we cannot give input on women’s fashion as well! We understand you want to make a statement at Prom and we are here to help. And we can definitely help with prom suits for girls if you want to go for it!

The Main Event..The Dress!
One of the biggest trends in dresses this year is the two-piece prom dress. It is modest and trendy while showing just a tad bit of flare in the middle! It looks great with a print and bold embellishment or sweet pastel colors.

two pice prom dresses, prom dresses for 2016

Respect for the Shorties!
Who said you have to wear a long dress to prom? We certainly don’t think it’s a rule. Here are our top trends for short dresses:

nude with silver embellishments short prom dress, short champagne prom dress, royal blue prom dress with beads on neck

This depends on the neckline of the dress, but here are our favorite hairstyles for both curled and up-do looks.
Keep your hair looking effortless chic- it allows your true beauty to stand out while still looking put together and like a true fashionista! Pair it with neutral makeup pallet and a bold lip and you got a look that the E! Network will be awe-ing over!
three womens hairstyles

Not Just for Men- Prom Tuxedos for Girls:
The girls’ tux is a true statement look! It is embracing menswear while showing femininity at full force. Women are confident, and that shows in these edgy looks. Do not be afraid to rock a womens’ tuxedo look at any occasion!

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