2015 Prom Stylized Shoot

2015 Prom Stylized Shoot

Location: Bill Barber Park, Irvine Photographer: Jcubed Photography Friar Tux Shop Selection: Tan Allure Suit, Steel Grey Allure Suit, Black Tuxedos, Black Monterey Tuxedo with various accessories

Fun prom photo sessions are a must because the high quality images are a great keepsake to reminisce of your high school prom! Jcubed Photography did an amazing job at capturing the candid moments in this photo shoot. The Jcubed Photography team describes their style as, "Photography isn't about taking a photo with the most perfect settings. It is about capturing memories in a way where you can look back and feel like you're experiencing it. The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed."

Each couple's prom style is unique and fits their personality well! We love how the guys are dressed in a variety of prom styles and colors. Our Tan Suit looks perfect with coral or pink because they are bright summer colors. The turquoise looks awesome with the Steel Grey Allure Suit and the blue bow tie stands out with the Black Kristoff Tuxedo. Peach and ivory are neutral colors are great go-to colors that will go with just about anything! The girls are dressed in gorgeous long dresses with elaborate beading and trendy illusion necklines.

Color matching with your prom date can be a daunting task but Friar Tux has over 100 colors and fabric swatches in our 31 Southern California locations to match your date! You can also view our vests and ties in our color gallery.

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Visit your nearest Friar Tux Shop location for your suit or tuxedo prom style!   Want more prom inspiration? Check out our related blogs: Real Prom Couple: Kalen + Celeste Asking Someone To Prom Celebrity Inspiration For Prom 2015 2015 Prom Style Tips for Guys & Girls