2016 Grammys Menswear

2016 Grammys Menswear
The Grammys have always been a time for musicians and celebrities to go a little crazy with their red carpet looks. Playing it safe will land you straight onto the worst dressed list for this night of artistic expression and celebration. This year's celebs did not disappoint, with patterned coats and shirts and some fun colored suits, here is our list of most interesting menswear from this year's event. Grey Tuxedos Jack Antonoff Jack's Grammy's style is on point and he is our BEST DRESSED! His tuxedo is perfectly tailored and has lots of contrast- a gray coat with contrasting black lapel plus contrasting black pants. He kept the accessories simple with a black bow tie which always looks sharp. Get Jack's Look: Michael Kors Gray Destiny Tuxedo jack antonoff 2016 grammys gray tuxedo with black shawl Photo Credit: E! Online White Tuxedos [ColsContainer] [cols width="50%"] Big Sean Big Sean was another one of our favorites because of the black and white contrasting tuxedo he wore. He kept the tuxedo more casual by skipping the tie and leaving his white dress shirt unbuttoned. This style of tuxedo has been popular as a stand-out groom's look. Get Big Sean's Look: White with Black Shawl Tuxedo big sean 2016 grammys white tuxedo with black lapel Photo Credit: Hollywood Life [/cols] [cols width="50%"] Aloe Blacc The way Aloe Blacc mixed a patterned blue shirt under his super slim white suit is so fresh and totally works with the fun atmosphere of the Grammy's. This is a great idea of how you can make your go to suit look different by wearing an unexpected shirt with it. Get Aloe Blacc's Look: White Troy Tuxedo aloe blacc 2016 grammys white suit with blue shirt Photo Credit: E! Online [/cols] [/ColsContainer]
Justin Bieber
Justin's Grammy's style paired a white coat with a black shirt and black pants. He gets extra points for bringing his cute, tuxedo-clad little brother on the red carpet but also gets dinged a few points for his pants getting bunchy on the legs, probably due to sagging them down on his hips. Get Justin Bieber's Look: White Casablanca Tuxedo justin bieber grammys Photo Credit: The Fashionisto Blue Suits Get Sam Smith and Mark Ronson's Blue Suit Looks: Rent a Navy Suit or Purchase a Navy Suit [ColsContainer] [cols width="50%"] Sam Smith Sam's sleek tailored navy suit with a little shimmer was super cool. His plaid tie choice is on trend but fairly business meeting feeling for the Grammys. sam smith 2016 grammys navy shiny suit Photo Credit: E! Online [/cols] [cols width="50%"] Mark Ronson Mark is giving us a little Downtown Funk with his pinstriped blue coat with a simple black t-shirt, black pants and fancy black textured shoes with white accents. mark ronson 2016 grammys navy pinstripe coat with black pants Photo Credit: E! Online [/cols] [/ColsContainer] Black Tuxedos [ColsContainer] [cols width="45%"] The Weeknd Black tuxedos with black shirts and black accessories is a look we are calling "hit man chic" and we are really into it! Some grooms use this style to stand out from groomsmen. Get The Weeknd's Look: Black Peak Lapel Tuxedo the weeknd 2016 grammys black tuxedo with black shirt and black bow tie Photo Credit: E! Online [/cols] [cols width="55%"] Leon Bridges Shawl lapel tuxedos are a great choice for a slim fit look because of how sleek the lapel shape is. Leon's tuxedo fits perfectly and he opted to go western with a bolo styled tie with his white dress shirt. Get Leon Bridges Look: Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo leon bridges 2016 grammys black shawl lapel tuxedo with white shirt and black bolo tie Photo Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock [/cols] [/ColsContainer]
Creative Tuxedos
Our seasonal selection of suits and tuxedos is always changing, just like the unique looks that celebs wear on the red carpets. Check out our suits and tuxedos for purchase online to see what is available right now. Sam Hunt Our award for most unique goes to Sam- he pulled off this pink slim fit suit with a white shirt as if it was a standard navy suit. Colored suits are definitely a trend for 2016 and it is great to see celebrities demonstrating how to do the look right! sam hunt 2016 grammys pink suit with white shirt Photo Credit: Just Jared [ColsContainer] [cols width="50%"] James Bay Jame's look wasn't too creative but it is velvet which is a Winter Season style and he added a black hat which makes the look his own. He kept the accessories simple with a white shirt and black bow tie under the black coat and pants (nice fit BTW!). james bay 2016 grammys black velvet tuxedo with white shirt and black hat Photo Credit: E! Online [/cols] [cols width="50%"] John Legend Patterned tuxedo coats will be a thing for 2016. People want to change up their look and John Ledgend's back with gold accent coat--wait, are those gold bumble bees on his coat?!-- was a subtle way to try something new while keeping his accessories monochromatic black. john legend 2016 grammys black tuxedo with gold bumble bees Photo Credit: E! Online [/cols] [/ColsContainer]

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