Dia de los Muertos Inspired Wedding

Dia de los Muertos Inspired Wedding

Venue: San Diego Marriott La Jolla
Coodinator: Annemarie Donaker
Photography: Kami Olavarria
Menswear Style: Burgundy Shawl Lael Tuxedo by Ike Behar with a black shirt and black bow tie

Okay, if you haven't seen Coco yet: what are you doing with your life!? Maybe that was a bit harsh. Let us start over, Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday to celebrate and remember those who have departed from the living world. It is foretold that the spirits of those passed on come to visit their loved ones from October 31st to November 2nd, during this time families create altars and place ofrendas (offerings) that come in many different forms such as: sugar skulls, figures, candles, and gorgeous bouquets of yellow marigolds. We get it, celebrating spirits might sound a little morbid for a wedding, but it really is not. The Mexican culture looks at the passing of a loved one with happiness and joy, especially during this time of the season. It's really is a beautiful this to understand and witness. Being so embedded in the fabric of the culture, why would you not want your loved ones to miss out on your big day? So we teamed up with some brilliant creatives who put together this Dia de los Muertos themed wedding! The rich, bright, extravagant colors with the subtle black hues make for a one of a kind wedding design. Our burgundy tuxedo with a black shirt and black faux bow tie really worked for this dark theme and of course the bride wore a black gown instead of white. If this doesn't make you want to plan your own Dia de los Muertos wedding, we don't know what will! (Also go see Coco already!)

Write Up from the Coordinator:

So many couples are choosing different themes to really help them make their wedding more personal. Dia de Los Muertos is inspiration for the bride that's wants something outside the box. This styled shoot incorporates so many details that make it so incredibly special. It is beautiful and romantic, mixing deep rich colors with bright colors. The table design was meant to be reminiscent of an altar with candles, food, skulls, and flowers."

dia-de-los-muertos-shoot-invitaions-white-invites-with-bright-colorful-writing-and-text-and-sugar-skull-deatils dia-de-los-muertos-color-background-bride-wearing-a-black-dress-and-floral-headpeice-groom-wearing-a-burgundy-tux-with-black-tri-and-black-shirt-with-black-bow-tiedia-de-los-muertos-color-background-bride-wearing-a-black-dress-and-floral-headpeice-groom-wearing-a-burgundy-tux-with-black-tri-and-black-shirt-with-black-bow-tie dia-de-los-muertos-shoot-close-up-on-groo-attire-burgundy-tuxedo-with-black-trim-a-black-shirt-and-a-faux-black-bow-tie dia-de-los-muertos-shoot-closeup-on-florals-big-colorful-florals-in-moody-colors-like-deep-reds-oranges-and-purples dia-de-los-muertos-shoot-table-set-up-table-decore-close-up-on-little-bottles-table-decor-close-up-on-candles-yellow-plates-with-sugar-skull-details-color-décor-and-silverware-gold-chairs-and-table-accents dia-de-los-muertos-lace-setting-yellow-plates-with-sugar-skull-detailsdia-de-los-muertos-table-decor-setting-yellow-plates-with-sugar-skull-details-with-gold-accents
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dia-de-los-muertos-shoot-table-decore-close-up-on-little-bottles-table-decor-close-up-on-candles-yellow-plates-with-sugar-skull-details-color-décor-and-silverware dia-de-los-muertos-cheers-bride-in-a-black-dress-with-floral-headpiece-groom-in-burgundy-tux-with-black-shirt-and-bow-tiedia-de-los-muertos-drinking-bride-in-a-black-dress-with-floral-headpiece-groom-in-burgundy-tux-with-black-shirt-and-bow-tie dia-de-los-muertos-shoot-table-decor-close-up-on-candles-yellow-plates-with-sugar-skull-details-color-décor-and-silverware dia-de-los-muertos-shoot-cake-three-tiers-with-with-colorful-frosting-and-floral-embellishments dia-de-los-muertos-cheers-bride-in-a-black-dress-with-floral-headpiece-groom-in-burgundy-tux-with-black-shirt-and-bow-tiedia-de-los-muertos-drinking-bride-in-a-black-dress-with-floral-headpiece-groom-in-burgundy-tux-with-black-shirt-and-bow-tie dia-de-los-muertos-shoot-bride-and-groom-bride-without-floral-headpiece-bride-and-grom-out-of-focus-a-little-smilingbride-in-a-black-dress-with-a-floral-headpeice-andbig-floral-bouquet-groom-in-burgundy-jacket-with-black-trim-black-shirt-and-a-faux-leather-bow-tie This shoot was also featured on San Diego Styled Weddings!
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Florals: Fleur d'Elegance | Linens: Enticing Tables | Cake: Flour Power Cakery | Rentals: Anar Party Rentals | Hair + Makeup: Peretti Hill | Invitations + Calligraphy: Paper Scissors Print | Wedding Gown: Jaime Elyse | Special Props: Esmeralda Luxury Paper Flowers