Menswear Do's and Don'ts

Menswear Do's and Don'ts

Ever been handed a boutonnière and stood there for frozen wondering “where the heck does this thing go?” Or Moms out there, has your son ever asked you “Do I button both?” as he get’s ready for prom and you have no idea the answer? Groomsmen, have you ever been asked “how long would you like your cuff?” and the only thing you can say is “I don’t know, what do you think?”

Well, no more questioning! We are going to teach you the basics right here and now, with simple tips and visuals to help you understand.

#1) Tie It Up…

Starting from the top down, we begin with the tie. The tie is supposed to cover your top button and lay flat against the neck, eliminating any gap. The best way to achieve this clean look is by first doing a double Windsor knot, it is classic and looks finished compared to the single Windsor.

good-tie-placement-and-knot bad-tie-knot-on-neck-leaving-a-large-gaptie-placement-perfect-with-no-gap

#2) Pin it On…

Next is the boutonnière. Now this rule can be used for a flower or an everyday lapel pin, either way the rules are the same. The boutonnière is to go on the lapel side that has the button hole on it, located on the left side of your jacket, it is also the side with the breast pocket (if your coat has one). The important thing to note on placement is that you want to put it high enough so that it covers your button hole and is higher than the breast pocket.

good-boutonnière-on-jacket bad-boutionnere-on-the-jacket-and-not-the-lapelproper-boutionnere-placement

#3) Button That Button…

From button hole to actual buttons on the jacket: the rule is to only button one button. Yes, you might be saying “but then why are there two buttons?” and that is a great question. This rule actually dates back to King Henry VIII. During his reign he became too large to button the bottom buttons of his coat, instead of changing his jacket size he made all the rest in his court not button their bottom buttons as well, thus creating the style rule we are explaining to you today. Yes, it seems a little crazy that this is a rule due to his inability to have a coat that fits, but just trust us, it looks best. (Side note: when moving or sitting down unbutton the coat completely. It is how true gentlemen do it, and if you don’t believe us watch any Carey Grant or James Bond movie we will see who is right.)

one-button-buttoned-on-jacket double-buttoned-jacket-the-wrong-waygood-buttoned-jacket-with-one-button-buttoned-only

#4) Sleeve it Alone…

Now to the sleeves. The rule is simple: ½ - ¼ of the shirt sleeve should show past the coat sleeve. To put in reference, the width of a dime is bigger than a ½ inch. So you really do not want much showing when it comes to sleeves.

Of course you are going to move around and your cuff will occasionally show more than a ½ inch, so don't stress about keeping it perfect as long as you can shift your coat and shirt sleeve to a nice length before taking an important photo.

good-sleeve-length-on-jacket bad-sleeve-length-coming-way-out-past-the-coat-sleevegood-sleeve-length-coming-out-just-a-little-bit-past-the-coat

So there you have it, the basic rules to suit and tuxedo fashions. If you ever have questions reach out to us on Instagram, through our customer service line, or just go into a store location were you can get in person help! Happy dressing!