Why You Need a LLama at Your Wedding...

Why You Need a LLama at Your Wedding...

Venue: Emerald Peak
Photography: Trudy Moylan Photography
Planner + Designer: Dapper and Posh Events
Menswear: Charcoal Grey Notch Lapel Suit + Tan Notch Lapel Suit

Write up from Strictly Wdddings

Forget Coachella. There are a lot of natural elements tangled into this vision so you may want to look more than once. The accents all bring the aesthetic together with added pops of burgundy, salmon, peach, turquoise and yellow. The location is perfect for this theme with its breathtaking views. A desert wedding that can be turned into an elegant bohemian paradise. The venue actually offers custom designed walls of wood and macramé, as well as, the unique features showcased – the camper photo booth, tepee tented bar lounge and a custom-made selfie wall. Which we know would be a total hit for guests to get their selfie game on during a wedding. The festival style details have a touch of Southwestern vibe and the overall laid-back luxe atmosphere is pure magic.

We are always excited when we get to show our creative side here at Friar Tux. We love the newest trend of mixing patterns and colors within a suit, and we definitely wanted to show that style off here. Not only did it work, but the whole shoot exceeded anything we could have dreamed of. If we were to tell you: "what about a charcoal grey suit with a tan vest and burgundy tie" you might have though we were bonkers. You might have thought to yourself 'they have been in the desert heat a little too long.' Yet, looking at these pictures I am sure we have won you over. The two neutral tones work with each other, especially with this bohemian setting. Come into any of our locations to see all the mix-match styles you can create.

Emerald-peak-shoot-bride-and-groom-full-length-heads-touching-bride-in-a-bohemian-style-lace-dress-off-the-shoulder-groom-in-a-charcoal-grey-suit-with-a-tan-vest Emerald-peak-shoot-bride-in-chair-bride-in-a-bohemian-style-lace-dress-off-the-shoulderEmerald-peak-shoot-bride-standing-alone-bride-in-a-bohemian-style-lace-dress-off-the-shoulder Emerald-peak-shoot-groom-back-turned-in-a-charcoal-grey-suit-with-a-tan-vestEmerald-peak-shoot-groom-facing-camera-in-a-charcoal-grey-suit-with-a-tan-vest
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Emerald-peak-shoot-frank-the-llama-eating-some-grass-looking-at-the-camera Emerald-peak-shoot-bridal-party-with-llamas-groomsmen-in-grey-pants-with-a-tan-vest-and-burgundy-tie-bridesmaid-in-a-flowing-pink-dress-llamas-in-the-background Emerald-peak-shoot-groomsman-and-bridesmaid-embracing-groomsman-in-charcoal-pants-tan-vests-and-a-burgundy-tie-bridesmaid-in-a-blush-flowing-dressEmerald-peak-shoot-groomsmen-with-llama-groomsman-in-charcoal-pants-tan-vests-and-a-burgundy-tie Emerald-peak-shoot-ceremony-set-up-bride-in-a-bohemian-style-lace-dress-off-the-shoulder-groom-in-a-charcoal-grey-suit-with-a-tan-vest-grooms-men-in-charcoal-suits-and-bridesmaids-in-alternating-colorful-dresses  Emerald-peak-shoot-cake-white-backdrop-with-orange-and-teal-accents Emerald-peak-shoot-cupcakes Emerald-peak-shoot-table-decor-gold-accented-candles-teal-napkins-and-charger-plates Emerald-peak-shoot-sweetheart-table-décor-gold-accented-candles-with-dark-wood-chairs-and-tableEmerald-peak-shoot-table-decor-gold-accented-candles-with-dark-wood-chairs-and-table-and-teal-plate-chargers Emerald-peak-shoot-reception-boho-décor Emerald-peak-shoot-boho-chair-and-wedding-sign-wooden-chairs-and-tables-that-go-with-the-boho-vibes Emerald-peak-shoot-bride-and-groom-heads-touching-bride-in-a-bohemian-style-lace-dress-off-the-shoulder-groom-in-a-charcoal-grey-suit-with-a-tan-vest Emerald-peak-shoot-love-sign This shoot was also featured on Strictly Weddings
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Llamas: Royer Lands Llamas | Rental Designer: Temecula Valley Rentals | Rentals: Gonzalez Production Rentals | Florals: The Sweetest Blooms | Macrame: Uttu Designs | Hair + Makeup: Peretti Hill Glam Squad | Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo Collection | Bridal Gown: Anne Barge | Engravings: Cades & Birch | Desserts: Kitty Sweet Treats | Cake: Sweet Treats Bakery | Rings: FTJCo | Boho Jewelry:Ettika | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box |