Out-of-Town Groomsmen

Have groomsmen outside of Southern California and Nevada? We make the entire fitting and rental process simple!

  1. Once you have selected a style and booked your wedding, notify your groomsmen so that they can be fitted in their hometown. Let them know the style, and also which Friar Tux Shop location they should pick up their rental from.
  2. Next, have the groomsmen get fitted. Since they’re not in Southern California or Nevada, they can visit one of the hundreds of Savvi Formalwear fitting locations in the US and Canada or a specialist in the Tuxedo Fit Network. If neither of these options will work, they can be fitted at a local tailor or tuxedo specialist. Most companies will provide a complimentary fitting but if they charge a fee, we will reimburse them for the fitting up to $5 (they will need to bring the receipt).
  3. Once they have been fitted, have them submit measurements on our website. When they submit their measurements they will also choose their Friar Tux Shop pickup location.

    click for measurement form (pdf)

  4. The week of the wedding, the groomsmen will have a final fitting and pick up their rental at the Friar Tux Shop location they chose earlier. Payment for their rental is due at this time. The final fitting is usually three to four days prior to the wedding, but may vary based on your wedding’s needs.
  5. Unless other arrangements are made in advance, all rentals must be returned the day after use. Keep in mind that one groomsman can return multiple rentals on behalf of other groomsmen, and rentals can be returned at any of our locations!