Prom LookBook Suits and Tuxedos 2017

Prom 2017 is here and you are wondering what suit or tuxedo style to wear. Well, here are some of the newest looks for 2017 that you can make your own with a variety of bow ties and accessories. Remember to bring a swatch of your date’s prom dress if you want to match the color, or feel free to bring your date when you shop!

Visit any of our 33 stores to see all tuxedos, suits and accessories in person. You never have to choose your style from a book or website with Friar Tux because everything is on display and our stylists are there to help create your perfect look!

teal prom tuxedo.  turquoise prom suit
cobalt blue suit for prom.  bright blue prom suit
white with black prom tux.  white prom tuxedo

burgundy tuxedo for prom with black bow tie.  Prom maroon tuxedo with black bow tie
navy blue tuxedo for prom.  prom blue tux
red tuxedo for prom.  black and red prom tux

prom 2017 style ideas

light grey suit for prom
slate blue suit for prom
burgundy prom suit.  Maroon prom suit

charcoal suit for prom.  prom charcoal grey tuxedo
tan suit for prom
Black tuxedo with blue bow tie for prom

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