Rental Agreement

All Friar Tux rental orders are governed by the rental agreement as shown below.

  1. Minimum $40 payment required to place rental order.
  2. $40 cancellation fee applies for orders cancelled after measurements are taken.
  3. If picking up in store, a fitting is required on pickup date to ensure proper fit. Failure to complete final fitting and/or size requests outside normal specifications waives customer's right to fit guarantee.
  4. For orders shipped to customer, replacement requests must be made within 48 hours to qualify for shipping at no charge (if necessary).
  5. Customers receiving orders via shipping are responsible to coordinate receipt of garments. Our company assumes no responsibility for delivery for items once they have reached customer's designated address.
  6. $10 late fee per day shall be charged for items not returned by the stated return or shipping date. On 8th day customer shall be responsible for full retail value of items not returned.
  7. Mandatory garment handling fee covers inspection of garments for--and treatment of--repairable stains and damages.
  8. Customer is responsible for retail value of lost or stolen items, and/or damaged items not covered by the garment handling fee.
  9. Our company is not responsible for personal items left inside rental garments.
  10. Limitation of Liability: Our total liability is limited to the rental charges actually paid by customer for any claim or litigation arising from or related to the rental garments.
  11. A credit card on file is required on all rentals, even those which are not being paid for by credit card.
  12. Credit card on file may be charged in the event of unpaid rental fees, or to cover amounts due for damaged, missing, or late garments.
  13. Additional fees may apply for customer initiated order changes.
  14. Customer acknowledges and consents to the above stated terms.