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Shipped Rental Order Fit Guarantee

We are committed to making sure your garments fit you the best way possible. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that your order fits to your liking.

Our stylists will enter your measurements into our system and combine them with our fitting data to find the best sizes that will work with the information provided. If we have any questions regarding your sizes, we’ll reach out to you. We may send you two different sizes of the same garments when you are between sizes so that you will have options.

Once you receive your order, please try on all the garments as soon as possible to make sure everything fits properly. If anything is not to your liking, contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order so we can help in making adjustments as necessary.

  • Replacements: We can send you replacement items free of charge with a shipping service and speed of our choosing. In order to qualify for free replacement shipping, you must contact us within 48 hours after receiving your order. If we are notified after the 48 hour mark, you may be responsible for any rush shipping fees that may apply. For fit issues related to coat, pants, vest, and shirt, we can send a replacement item in a different size or with a length or width change of at least 1” longer or shorter. For shoes, replacement items can be sent for customers needing a full-size difference (half sizes not included). You can return both original and replacement garments after your event using the provided shipping label, or at one of our Friar Tux locations.
  • Professional Alterations: If you need minor alterations to your garments such as the coat sleeve length or pants hem, a temporary alteration can be made by a local tailor. Send us a receipt and we’ll credit your order up to $15.00. Important: Please make sure the garment is not cut or permanently altered as that will result in us having to replace the garment and bill you for the replacement value.

Feel free to send us an email using our contact form, or call or chat with our Customer Care team if you have any questions or concerns. We'll be more than happy to help.