Guide to Different Types of Tuxedos

Guide to Different Types of Tuxedos

Tuxedos are typically worn for formal or black tie events. They come in several colors, lapel styles as well as fits. Because there are so many options, we have broken down all the components of a tuxedo below for you to choose from. The way to distinguish a tuxedo from a suit is the satin. You can find that satin on the lapels, buttons and sometimes pockets whereas a suit will have the same fabric all throughout.

Man wearing tuxedo with ways to wear it

Colored Tuxedos

The black or white tuxedo is a classic but it's increasingly common to find navy tuxedos, burgundy tuxedos and grey tuxedos in weddings and red carpet events!

Navy Tuxedo with Black Shawl Lapel Burgundy Tuxedo with a Black Shawl Lapel and Black Pants Michael Ivory tuxedo with tan vest and tie The White Dinner Jacket

The White Dinner Jacket typically has no satin but it is a unique look for any formal themed parties or weddings. This look was made popular by James Bond and also The Great Gatsby. We have seen this trend on almost every red carpet arrival! The dinner jacket is typically paired with black pants and a black bow tie.

Two men wearing white dinner jackets and black pants David and Victoria Beckham on the red carpet James Bond wearing white dinner jacket on Spectre movie poster Lapel Styles

Shawl Lapel This style gives the tuxedo a sleek look. It is characterized by the rounded edges. This style is not very common on suits. Some styles have a black contrasting lapel on coats that are in a different color. Burgundy Tuxedo with Black Shawl Lapel

Notch Lapel The notch lapel is the most common type of suit lapel style. You see this style on both suits and tuxedos. The notch lapel is very popular because people are familiar with it and feel comfortable wearing it, but it is not the classic tuxedo style (shawl lapelsand peak lapels are).

Classic Black Tuxedo with a Notch Lapel

Framed Lapel If you're looking for a tuxedo with more of an edgy look, the narrow satin trim in a contrasting color is the perfect choice. Or if you want to wear a tuxedo with only a little satin, a framed lapel in the same color as the coat is a good fit for you. Man sitting down wearing white framed lapel tuxedo Grey Tuxedo with Framed Notch Lapel

Peak Lapel The peak lapel is one of the more popular lapel style on the red carpet. It is also considered more formal and stylized than the others.

Classic Black Tuxedo with a Peak Lapel

Tuxedo Accessories

Cummerbund This accessory isn't too popular right now but some men still wear it to traditional black tie events. The purpose of the cummerbund is to cover the waistline where the pants meet the shirt and it can only be worn with a bow tie, never with a long tie! Tuxedo Cummerbund Accessory by Allure Men

Bow Tie The bow tie is common to wear with both tuxedos and suits. Different types of bow ties include the batwing, diamond point, or butterfly.

Classic Black Tuxedo with a Notch Lapel and Polka Dot Bow Tie

Long Tie The purpose of the long tie is to cover up the buttons on the shirt. Although the tie was originally created for suits, it is quite popular to wear it with a tuxedo.

Wine Colored Long Tie with a Black Tuxedo and Notch Lapels

Women in Tuxedos

Tuxedos are not just limited to men. Many women have made this trend popular, especially on the red carpet! Both Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively rocked it with their well-tailored tuxes.

Anna Kendrick in a Classic Black Tuxedo on the Red Carpet Blake Lively in a Red Tuxedo

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