Frequently Asked Questions

Planning and Selecting Styles

How do I go about planning men’s attire for my group?

Once you have established the style of your event, our personal stylists are ready to help you find the right look for your party members. If you have an idea of what you want, have fabric swatches, pictures or a Pinterest board, make sure to show your stylist. If you have no idea where to start, not to worry, we can help point you in the right direction. Either way, we suggest starting the process by pre-registering your group online and setting up an appointment for your initial visit.

Do you offer both rental and for purchase options and which one is right for me?

Friar Tux offers both rental and purchase options for all sizes. You can even do a combination of both, purchase the coat/pants and rent coordinating accessories or vise-a-versa.


  • Likely to be more economical 
  • Able to fit a wide range of sizes in the same styles 
  • Convenience as all items can be included in the package and alterations are handled for you 


  • Ability to keep the garments to wear again 
  • Ability to make intricate alterations 

Talk to your stylist about our options and they will help you make the best decision for you or your group.

Can the bride/groom try on various suit or tuxedo options before making a final decision for the group?

Yes, absolutely. We offer our brides/grooms a complimentary style preview that will allow you to try on a few styles in your size before making a final decision. Having confidence in the clothing you wear on your wedding day is an important part of the Friar Tux experience. The style preview will require two visits, the first to select styles and get measured and the second to try on the options you selected.

Are you able to match my colors?

Friar Tux has a vast collection of accessory colors that were selected by our buyers to match the newest bridesmaid dress colors. If you need assistance with color matching, our stylists are here to help.

Do you offer fabric swatch samples?

You bet, you can order fabric swatches directly online at friartux.com/swatches or by contacting a stylist in-store or via chat.

Do you carry boys sizes?

Yes, almost all of our rental options are available for boys starting at 3T and we have select styles available for purchase starting at 0T.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we offer groups discounts in both rental and for purchase products for a variety of events as long as you have 3 or more people needing attire. Ask one of our stylists in-store or online for details.

Do I need to make an appointment to register my group or to have my party members fitted?

Making an appointment to set up the group is always recommended but not essential. You can request an appointment online or by calling one of our locations. No appointment is necessary for an individual fitting, but an appointment is recommended for fittings for groups of 3 or more.

Store Locator

Managing My Group

Can I manage my rental group online?

Yes, our online group manager gives you the ability to view details about your group, 24/7. You can view party member’s styles, pick up location, and balance due. The system also allows you to see who has been measured and send fitting reminders to those who have not been measured yet. The information you need to log-in will be provided to you when you register your event. Visit our Group Management Portal here.

When do all the styles need to be determined?

We recommend you select styles for all members of your group at the time of registration. Having the styles selected will allow your party members to get fitted for those specific items, which leads to better fitting garments. If you are unable to make a final decision at registration, we recommend deciding no later than one month prior to your event.

Once registered can I make changes to my group?

For adding or taking off party members, this can be done up until the week of the event.

For style and color changes, we recommend setting this at least one month prior to the event. After this time orders are likely being processed and changes are not possible. If a change becomes necessary after this time, please contact one of our stylists for assistance.

How early does my group need to be measured?

Party members should be measured at least a month prior to the event.

Do my party members need to be measured at the same location?

Party members can visit any Friar Tux location once you are registered. All they will need is your first and last name and your event date. If you would like all members to be measured at the same time, please contact a stylist to schedule an appointment for a group fitting.

I have party members that do not live near a Friar Tux, how can they be measured?

If your party members are not able to visit one of our locations for a fitting, they can visit any tailor, tux shop, or menswear store for a fitting and submit those measurements online. Visit tuxedofit.com for a directory of over 900 nationwide fitting locations.

Our event is out of town, can we extend our pick up and return dates?

Friar Tux allows you to customize the pick up and return details for your group to fit the needs of your party. We also offer shipping options, for delivery and return, that help make the process easy. Ask one of our stylists for details.

The Rental Process

How far in advance should I place my order?

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible. For groups, we like to have all party members fitted at least one month prior to the event. For single orders, like prom, we can accommodate last minute orders the week of the event with no rush fee. But some popular styles book out during the busiest months (like May) so booking early is always recommended.

Can you accommodate last minute orders?

Yes, we own all our inventory, complete dry cleaning and alterations in-house and can process Southern California and Nevada orders in as little as one business day. Some stores can process same day rentals using in-store inventory.

Depending on where you live in the US, we can also ship orders in a timeline of just a few days, expedited shipping fees from the shipping service may apply.

Am I able to rent just accessories like a tie or shoes?

Yes, you can rent as many or as few items as you need. We also sell accessories at affordable prices.

When do I receive my order?

If you are picking up in-store, you will have a personalized second fitting with one of our stylists. This typically happens 3-4 days prior to the event for orders placed at least a week in advance. If your order is ready sooner, you will receive a text message or email. If your order is being shipped to your home/business it will typically arrive 10 days prior to the event for orders placed at least three weeks in advance.

What if something doesn’t fit correctly?

For in-store pick up, our stores are all equipped with alterations, pressing and back up merchandise for the most common fitting enhancements. The majority of adjustments can be made onsite. Adjustments that require a delivery from our Service Center should be available within 24 hours.

For orders shipped to home, please try your garments on promptly upon receipt and report any concerns to our Customer Care Center by calling 800-636-3228.

When do I return my rental?

Rental orders are to be returned the day after the event at any Friar Tux location unless other arrangements have been made.

If you arranged to ship your order back to us, use the kit provided and make sure to drop it off to a UPS shipping station the first business day after your event.

What happens if I lose or damage my rental items?

If any of your garments are lost or damaged, you will be charged the replacement cost of those items.

What happens if my size changes after I was fitted for my order?

This is one of the benefits of renting with Friar Tux, we can edit the sizes on your order! Simply stop in to your nearest store or call and we can update your order with your new measurements. We can make last minute adjustments but prefer to have your sizes in place by 30 days before your event.

Measurements & Fit

How do I get measured?

Visiting a Friar Tux store for a full professional fitting by one of our stylists is always best. If you not able to visit one of our locations you can visit any tailor, tux shop, or menswear store anywhere in the nation for a fitting. You can find a fitting form and can submit your measurements at friartux.com/measurements.

Visit tuxedofit.com for a directory of over 900 nationwide fitting locations.

Do I need an appointment for a fitting?

No, appointments for single fittings are not necessary, but they are recommended for groups of 3 or more.

Do you have restrictions on sizes?

Friar Tux prides itself on fitting anybody! We have rental sizes ranging from boy’s 3 to men’s 74.

I like my garments to fit a certain way, do you offer a variety of options?

Yes, we have something for everyone. We offer modern and slim fit options for coats, pants, and shirts. Just let your stylist know how you like your garments to fit and they will help accommodate your requests.


When renting, do I need to pay a deposit when I place my order?

To place your order we require a minimum payment of $40. The balance can be paid at the time of in-store pickup or online at www.friartux.com/pay. If your order is being shipped to you, the balance will need to be paid prior to the shipping date.

Do you charge sales tax on rentals?

No, we do not charge sales tax on rentals.

What is your Garment Handling Fee?

This is an industry standard fee that covers the processing and handling of garments as well as the cost of basic reparable damage. Our fee is $12 while other companies charge up to $14.

Do you charge rush fees?

While it is always best to make all arrangements ahead of time, Friar Tux is happy to assist with preparing last minute orders without a rush fee.

Is it possible to pay for another member in my group?

Yes. This can be done by visiting our store or through our website.

Rental Cancellations

A $40 cancellation fee applies for orders which are cancelled after measurements are taken.

Please view our Rental Agreement for more details.


Can I order online and pick up in-store?

You bet. Our website allows you to shop for styles and arrange to visit a store to try them on.

Can I order in-store and then have my order shipped to me?

Of course. Our stylists will be happy to assist you in selecting and fitting your garments. If the items are not available for you to take home that day, you can have them shipped directly to your home or business. Shipping fees may apply. Ask your stylist for details.

If I purchase online and need to return or exchange items, can I do that at a store?

Yes, all of our locations will have access to your online order within 48 hours of placement and are happy to assist with returns for exchanges.

What is your return and exchange policy?

You may return or exchange unworn items with the tags on them within 30 days. If using a provided return shipping label, $10 will be subtracted from your return amount and credited back to a credit card or a mailed check, depending on your original payment method.

Wedding-Specific Questions

What should the father of the bride wear and who should he match?

The father of the bride should consider two gowns when planning his attire- the bride’s and his wife’s or date's. The father of the bride should not be more formal than the groom and his accessories should be neutral so that he coordinates with the person who he will be standing next to in group photos and does not steal the show while walking his daughter down the aisle.

What should the ring bearer wear and who should he match?

The ring bearer often matches the groom and coordinates with the flower girl. Alternatively, he can wear the same exact look as the groomsmen. Some people choose to put their ring bearer in a slightly different, sometimes less formal, but coordinating look than the group. For example, if the groomsmen are all wearing long ties, you can put the ringbearer in the same color bowtie. You should also consider the age and comfort level of the ringbearer when deciding on his garments.

Who pays for the suits/tuxedos in weddings?

We typically find that each party member pays for himself/herself. But occasionally the groom will pay for everyone or one of the fathers will pick up the tab for the group. If you plan to pay for the entire group or for specific party members, make sure to let one of our stylists know so we can help coordinate the payment before the party members come in to be measured.

Can a woman be part of the groom’s party?

Absolutely! A “groomsmaid” and for that matter, a “bridesman,” are increasingly common. A woman on the groom’s side can wear any suit/tuxedo or she can wear a gown in the same color as the groomsmen suits/tuxedos. We offer a tuxedo designed specifically for a woman but can also fit a woman in any of our suits/tuxedos. A man on the bride’s side can wear a suit/tuxedo that matches the bridesmaid gowns.

When should I register my wedding?

We recommend registering your group as early as possible so that all your members have time to get fitted at their leisure. 6 months before your event is a good time to start the process. If your styles, colors or sizes change we can make updates to your orders up until 1 month prior to your event. Of course, we can also handle last-minute event orders.

Prom-Specific Questions

How far in advance should I order my tuxedo?

Since prom is a busy time, we recommend ordering your tuxedo as early as possible. Ordering early increases the chance that we will have exactly what you want, in your size, for the date you need it. Shopping at least two weeks before prom is recommended. Of course, we can still help all the way up until the day before prom if needed.

Can you accommodate orders placed the week of prom?

Absolutely, we have a local Service Center and get daily deliveries to our locations. Stop by and we are happy to help you place your order.

Can I make an appointment to place my order?

Appointments are not available for prom fittings, so you can stop by at any time. Just make sure to sign in when you arrive so one of our stylists can assist you with style selection and start the measurement process. If you want to help expedite the process, you can start your order online here.

Do you charge rush fees?

No, Friar Tux does not charge rush fees, even if your order is placed the day before prom.

My date does not have a color picked out yet, can I change my styles after I place my order?

If you are waiting for your date to pick a color, we can still help you get the order process started. You can select the coat, pant, shirt and shoe style on your first visit and come back later or call us for your decision on a vest and tie color with no style change fee. Or you can select something in a neutral color that will coordinate well no matter what your date decides to wear. Of course, items are subject to availability so the sooner you make a selection, the better.

When do I have to pay for my order?

A $40 partial payment is required at the time the order is placed. The remaining balance can be paid in store at the time of pick up or online by clicking here. For online payments, you will need your transaction number located on your rental receipt. If you need assistance locating your transaction number, please contact one of our stylists.

When will my order be ready for pick up?

Prom orders placed at least 7 days in advance are typically ready two days before the prom. Orders placed the week of prom are typically ready one day prior. If your order is ready earlier than the scheduled date, you will receive an email and/or text message to notify you that you can come in. When you pick up your order we suggest trying it on in-store to make sure you are happy with the fit. If you need any adjustments, we are able to do them in-store or get items the following day, depending on what you need.

What if I’m not able to try on my order in-store when I pick it up?

If you are not able to try on in store, we recommend you try it on as soon as possible and call us if you have any questions or need any adjustments. Our stylists will be able to determine what you need and arrange to have replacements ready if needed.

When is my order due back?

All rentals are due back the day after prom to avoid a late fee. Rentals can be returned to any Friar Tux location and anyone can return for you. Make sure to check your pockets before returning so you don’t leave anything behind.

Do you offer prom discounts?

Yes, we are happy to offer substantial savings for students attending prom. Ask your stylist for details.

Do you offer a Prom Rep Program?

Yes, we do have a prom rep program in which students can earn discounts or a free rental by passing out their prom rep number to other students who will be placing a prom order. Find out complete details about our Prom Rep Program at friartuxprom.com/promrep.

I’m a prom rep, how can I track my referrals?

You can view your referrals and access tools that will help you reach your goal by logging on to your prom rep page at friartuxprom.com/promrep. You will need your prom rep number to get started.

I earned money as a prom rep, when will my check arrive?

First, congratulations and thank you for being awesome! We will happily mail your check to the address on file approximately two weeks after your prom. Make sure to confirm your mailing address with your stylist when you pick up or return your garments.

Formalwear Etiquette

Black tie vs. black tie optional – What should I wear?

Traditionally, black tie meant wearing a black tuxedo with a black bow tie. But nowadays it means preferably a dark colored tuxedo with either a bow tie or a long tie. Black tie optional means the event will be formal and a tuxedo is ideal, but you can opt to wear a nice dark colored suit with a tie if your invitation uses the term “optional.”

What is the appropriate menswear for a white tie event?

White tie is considered to be the most formal of all dress and is often required for debutante balls and other traditional events. You should wear a black tail coat with black pants, a white pique shirt, white pique bow tie, white pique vest and black patent leather shoes.

Suit vs. tuxedo – What is most appropriate for my wedding party?

The answer to this one really depends on a couple of key factors, the bride’s dress and the location/theme of the event. If the bride would categorize her dress as formal, you should opt for a tuxedo. If her gown is less formal or the wedding is rustic or tropical, a suit or one of our hybrid suits (a cross between a suit and a tuxedo) would be a perfect match.

A tuxedo has satin accents (typically on the lapel, buttons and pockets) while a suit has no satin at all.

Which buttons do I button on my coat and vest?

If you have a two button coat, only button the top one. If your coat has 3 buttons, button the top two. Never button the bottom button, it is a faux pas and is not a good look. Except if you have a one button coat, in which case it is fine to button that single button. When moving or lifting your arms, unbutton your coat completely so that the coat does not pull. The rule with vest buttons is more vague- button them all if you please or leave the last one undone.

Pleated shirt vs. non-pleated shirt – What is the difference?

A pleated shirt is a formal version of a dress shirt that was created to be worn with tuxedos. While you can wear a non-pleated shirt with a tuxedo or suit, you should only wear a pleated one with a tuxedo. Both pleated and non-pleated shirts can typically be worn with studs and cufflinks.

Suspenders or a belt?

Both suspenders and belts help to hold up your pants and can add style to your outfit. Typically, belts are worn with suits and suspenders are worn with tuxedos. But it is also fine to wear suspenders with a suit, just skip the belt if you decide to add suspenders, you should never wear them together.