Prom Planning Checklist for Guys

Prom Planning Checklist for Guys

Prom is probably the biggest social event in your 4 years at high school – but it can be overwhelming! There are so many questions and plans to make for the big night!  What you are supposed to take care of and what do you leave to your date? When do you need to buy tickets?  Be the perfect date and have a night to remember with our prom timeline.

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Early Items:

  • Plan your prom budget.
    • This is something you should discuss with your parents, all the elements of the prom night can add up so start thinking of it now.   You might need to get that lawn mower out and start talking to the neighbors!
      • Two ways you can save on prom: Become a Prom Rep- use social media and technology to easily refer your friends (who will get an extra discount when they use your code) and you can earn a free prom tux rental plus cash on top! You can also enter our Instagram Style Contest to win a free suit and tie to keep-- any style you like!
    • Your DATE!
      • We know it can be nerve racking to ask someone out, but it is an essential if you want to take a date!  Figure out who you want to take to Prom and ASK THEM ALREADY!  Don't wait 'till they are already taken!
    • Start looking in to transportation to and from prom.
      • This can be just you and your date or with a group of friends.  Should you take your car, Uber, or a limo service? (Decide in advance that way you have enough time to collect any money from friends who are trying not to pitch in for the limo!)

    2 months before prom:

    • Start planning where you want to take before prom photos – go to the place to check out the lighting, scenery and company (hopefully there aren't a lot of other people there)
      • Trust us, this is important.  You might careless about before prom photos, but your parents and most importantly...HER PARENTS will be wanting to take tons!  So be ready!
    •  Make a reservation at a restaurant for dinner if your school does not cater the prom.

    4 Weeks before prom:

    • Purchase your prom tickets!
      • Probably the most important thing!  No ticket = NO PROM!  Might be a simple task but it is important!
    • Go in for a tux fitting, make sure that your suit and accessories will match her dress! We can help with this part!
      • Try to bring in the dress or have a really good picture!  If you tell us "her dress is blue."  Well, we are going to say: "What shade of blue?"  (cough cough* we carry over 30 styles and shades of blue ties/bow ties- SO BE SPECIFIC!)
    • Pick out your dates corsage– make sure it matches her dress and your boutonnière! (We also sell lapel pins if you want to go that route- it never dies so you can wear it again and again!)

    1 week before:

    • Confirm all reservations.
      • Not just with dinner and photos, but with friends as well.  Make sure everyone is on the same page!
    • If you need a haircut, get one far enough in advance you’ll know how to style it for prom day!
    • Discuss what time you will pick her up or meet her.
    • Pick up your suit and try it on for fit one last time!
      • Do not leave this till an hour before.  We bring things in a few days in advance, we explain during your rental agreement that you should try on during final pick up. That way is any adjustments need to be made, we can make them!  Don't stress out, don't have your parents stress out!

    Day before:

    • Wash your car if you will be driving!  Take those In & Out wrappers out of your car and spray some Febreeze!
    • And lastly, what to bring to prom for guys: phone, cash, student ID and most importantly: the tickets!
    Day of:
    • Pick up your dates flowers – keep them refrigerated!
    • Get the girl!
    • Get ready for lots of photos!
      • Lots and lots of photos!

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    Now lets get down to the important stuff: what you are going to wear and the latest trends in Prom Fashion!

    Don't be afraid of a COLORED tuxedo! There are more to tuxedos than just black!  Try a grey, blue, burgundy, white or tan look! Colored prom tuxedos and suits are a big trend. Even more popular is slim fit tuxedos for prom, lucky for you, we have over 30... Different Lapels There are many styles when It comes to the lapel of a jacket.  (lapel is the fancy way to say collar of the jacket) Check out our Prom LookBook for cool prom style ideas and color combinations. Pocket Square Bring a little pizzazz to your outfit by adding a pocket square, your date will be impressed you cared about the details of what you were wearing! All Black Look Many celebrities have been rocking the all-black look.  It is modern and sleek looking!  Maybe bring a little color by adding a pocket square or colored boutonniere. To Jacket or not to Jacket: Some guys don't want a jacket because they take it off while dancing, but consider photos and all the events before you dance, you're gonna want a coat... What else are you going to put over your date's shoulders when she inevitably gets cold? Just make sure your suspenders or vest are on point for the time when you do take off your coat! Yellow Prom dress with black tuxedo and black bow tie- prom ideas for guys