Wedding Planning Made Easy With Our Suits + Tuxedos Timeline

Wedding Planning Made Easy With Our Suits + Tuxedos Timeline

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We know wedding planning is fun but can be well…stressful.  Booking vendors, keeping track of everything, creating décor – it all gathers up.  So, we wanted to take some of that guesswork and stress away when it comes to ordering your bridal party’s suits and tuxedos. 

Here we will break down month by month leading up to your big day on what steps to take. Along with tips along the way.  Let’s get started!

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 9-8 months out – gather inspo and get swatches

You have probably had a Pinterest board dedicated to your wedding for a while now, but this is the time you start really thinking about suits + tuxedos.  Think about the vibe and color scheme you are wanting to go for, look through our website, and gather your ideas.

This is also a great time to get swatch samples of our garments to further help in your planning process.  We know that finding the right color is one of the most important details of your big day!  So we offer up to 5 free swatch samples to help you compare colors and narrow down your style choices.  Request yours here!

 7-6 months out – book style appointment

At Friar Tux, we like to keep things accessible.  That is why we offer two types of style appointments: in-store or virtual.  Let us break down the differences for you:

In-store Appointments: get in-person assistance from one our certified Stylists. See the garments in person, and get to know the staff member that will help you through the entirety of the process. 

Virtual Appointments: kick off the planning from the comfort of your own home.  Our specialists will show you garments and tell you all about the steps to come. 

Book your in-person or virtual appointments here.

 5-2 months out – all members of the bridal party measured

During this time your bridal party members should be getting fitted. Just like with the style appointments, we like to give options.  Your party members can go into a store nearest them to get measured in-person.  Or if they do not live near one of our Southern California or Las Vegas they can submit their measurements online herefor easy handling. With our online measurement submission and garment shipping we can help your groomsmen from coast to coast.

We also know that during this time it can be a little like herding cats not only to get everyone of your party members to get their measurements.   We also know it can be another hassle to keep track of it all can be a lot.  So, we have you covered there too!

Your Stylist will make sure to do check-ins with you keeping you updated with who has been fitted and who has yet to be.  Keeping you stress-free and in-the-know.

Another great management service we offer is our Event Manager Site!  Keep track of the styles you picked out, your groomsmen, and important dates all in one easy place.

 1-month out – finalize all style elements

The month out you are going to want to finalize all style details. Did you change the bridesmaids’ colors?  Make sure the groomsmen accessories are the color you want.  At one month out we are still able to make some changes to your styles.

Also start thinking about the smaller details: fun socks, lapel pins, custom cufflinks, lapel pins, ect. And you know we got you covered there! See all our accessories for purchase here.

 1 week out – final fitting + collect garments

This is a fun and stressful time in your overall wedding planning process.   You're making sure the big details are being finalized, while also creating last minute Pinterest inspiration that you decided to undertake.  But have no fear when it comes to us, we again have you covered.

During this time you are going to want to do 2 things: get your final garments and do your final fitting to make sure everything is perfect.  You can again do this two ways:

In-person: go to your local store and do your final fitting there with our Stylists.  Who can also go through each garments with you making sure you wear nothing short of perfection.

Shipped to your home: You can have your final order shipped to your home ahead of time so you can do your final fitting from the comfort of your home. 

Wondering to yourself “what if it something needs to be replaced?” No worries. The reason we do our final fitting process is to make sure that is something is not to your liking we can adjust!  

 after wedding drop everything off

After having the perfect wedding, who wants to do laundry?  So we take that chore away from you.  After your event, simply throw everything in the garment bag and drop it off at the store nearest you. 

This does not have to be the same store you picked up from.  Live in Woodland Hills but getting married on a vineyard in Temecula?  We got a store out there for you.  Live in Huntington Beach but getting married in Las Vegas? Yup, have you covered!

All our stores are under the same system for easy pick ups and drop offs. 

Also, not getting married near a store?  No worries again, we can hook you up with a UPS and shipping label for an easy experience no matter what way you want it.

 bridal party at wedding