How To Be The Best Dressed Guest in 2023

How To Be The Best Dressed Guest in 2023

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The Save-the-Date has been on the fridge for months, the invitations just arrived and you are probably asking yourself “what do we wear?” Not to fear, we have you covered!

Let’s go over some wedding attire dress-code basics:

Types of wedding dress codes:


Okay, fair warning this does not mean you get to wear jeans and sneakers. Casual typically means that the wedding is at a less-formal venue: like the beach or a barn.  Guests, wear dress pants for sure.  Bringing a suit coat will always be a great move in case it gets cold.  A nice dress shirt with maybe a simple pattern or color, and accessories are an option.  If you are wanting to wear a dress, opt for more summer sun-dress styles and a cute wedge or sandal.  This is also a fun time to play with the venue of the day: go for fun blues and greens for a beach wedding and deeper browns and greys for the ranch/barn style of wedding.


This is a new theme coming up into the wedding industry, and we are living for it! Inspired by the whimsy of shows like Bridgerton, this festive-style really just means color, pattern, and VIBES!  Guests, wear a fun mix-and-match color combo, a patterned look, or velvet fabric will be perfect for this style of wedding attire.  For dresses, same examples apply: fun colors, playful silhouettes, patterns, and fabrics.  Feel free to pay attention to the little details of the look that add special touches to your already immaculate vibes.


These are not only fun because you are going somewhere awesome like Tulum, Aspen, Venice, or Paris but you also get to have so much fun with your style!  Match the place of the wedding, for Mexico you can go for pops of color or linen looks that breathe and feel festive.  For a European estate wedding, you can go for more floral or darker colors.  The big note to remember is hang up your garments when you arrive to help get any wrinkles out. Oh! You may also want to bring a travel steamer too so your garments are photo ready.


This is the space for you to bring the drama in your attire.  It’s a subtle and chic mix between formal and casual – usually a wedding like this would be maybe at an estate or winery.  Guests, this is the time for you to add a little pizazz to your look with your accessories.  Go for a classic suit with a pop in the neckwear.  With the casual dress code, it is not a must to wear a tie or bow tie.  But with cocktail attire, it is a must.  For dresses, wear a mid-length or tea-length dress and heels. 


Semi-formal is pretty much exactly what it says semi-formal. The same rules of cocktail-attire apply but with a little less formality.  Guests, ties or bow ties are optional but a suit pant and coat are a must.  For dresses, dresses that hit at the knee or longer are optimal.  More often than not, these style of weddings are more evening-based so look to wear deeper colors to match the moment.   


Formal and black-tie weddings are a chance to get all gussied up and have some fun with your attire.  Because for most of us, we probably do not get to wear fancy outfits all the time.  Guests, go with a tuxedo of some kind. This could be a classic black, or you can go with a modern-colored tuxedo like burgundy or navy. We also highly support wearing a velvet coat for this style as well! When it comes to the gowns, wear floor-length gowns, your own tuxedo or pant suit, or fancy jumpsuits.  The more formal and chic your accessories, the better – for both men and women.  Bow ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, jewelry, fancy shoes, etc.

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Still wanting more inspo on what to wear to be the best dressed guests?  Below we breakdown some fun fashion looks for you based on different color themes.  We will show you 4 different dress code attire looks with suits/tuxedos from yours truly, and dresses from our good friends at Windsor®

Pops of Pink

Pinks, wines, burgundies…these colors look great in any climate at any venue. 

Casual – for this look we are showing a simple (but chic) Café Notch Lapel Suit, we paired it with a vintage-mauve tie for a pop of rosy color.  Another way to play with this suit color is by wearing a light pink or blush buttoned shirt without any neckwear for a trendy and casual look. The dress is this fun and flirty strapless rose gold look. Shop the dress here.

Cocktail – we jazzed it up a bit and are showing our Burgundy Shawl Lapel Tuxedo.  This can be paired with black pants like shown or a pair of tan pants for a more boho cocktail vibe.  For the dress we are showing this ruffled wrap-style gown in a dusty-blush tone. Shop the dress here.

Festive – pop of color! Of course for this dress code we had to show off our Rose Pink Notch Lapel Suit.  For the dress we went with this formfitting rose patterned midi gown. Shop the dress here.

Formal – We love taking a traditional tux look, but putting it in a fun color.  For the tuxedo we went with our Burgundy Shawl Lapel Tuxedo, what is great about this look in the black satin lapel that really makes the tuxedo color pop.  For the gown, we love this tiered ruffled light pink look.Shop the dress here.

 best dressed guest – pink dress code

 best dressed guest – pink dress code

Neutral Chic

Neutrals are a great way to make bold statements in subtle ways, and they look great in any season!

Casual – For this dress code with went with a classic: our Tan Notch Lapel Suit from our Suit Separates Collection.  This suit is romantic and classic in design, but modern in fit.  For the gown we are showing this fun tropical number that has a very trendy silhouette. Shop the dress here.

Cocktail – this look might be one of our favorites ever! For the suit we wanted to show our new Light Brown Notch Lapel Suit.  The texture on this suit is *chef’s kiss*.  For the gown we wanted to go with this very fashion-forward terracotta-colored satin gown. Shop the dress here.

Festive – we love this Caramel Notch Lapel Suit for this festive look.  It is a fun bold color, but still in a neutral that makes it subtle and chic.  For the dress we wanted to show off this abstract patterned dress.  This dress really does being in that festive feeling! Shop the dress here.

Formal – now for formal, there was no other look we could have picked other than our Gold Velvet Shawl Lapel Tuxedo, mainly because it is so perfect! For the gown we wanted to show something classic and simple, like this amazing champagne satin long gown. Shop the dress here.

 best dressed guest – neutral dress code

 best dressed guest – neutral dress code

Green Dreams

Greens are what we call “modern neutral”.  We say this because yes, green is a color but when done in the right way it really can be used as a neutral and complemented with any color accessory.

Casual – we wanted to show a different look for the suit and do a mix and match look with a Green Notch Lapel Coat and a pair of Grey Pants from our Suit Separates Collection.  We love the way these colors complement each other in a laid back but stylish kind of way.  For the dress we are showing this soft and flowy sage floral gown. Shop the dress here.

Cocktail– for the suit we love this Green Notch Lapel Suit, with its rich deep green color and chic silhouette.  Perfect for a cocktail attire wedding.  For the dress we are digging this green and gold form-fitting number with a high-low length. Shop the dress here.

Festive– nothing is more festive than our Green Velvet Shawl Lapel Tuxedo!  Pair with a black, tan, or light brown pant to bring out the different vibes of the venue you are going to.  For the dress we fell in love with this palm-patterned long gown that is the perfect mix of sophistication and fun! Shop the dress here.

Formal– For this black tie inspo, we wanted to show you how to do a traditional style look with our Black Shawl Lapel Tuxedo.  With its Gatsby-inspired shawl lapel it oozes sophistication and a good time.  We paired it with a deep green bow tie to add the pop of color in a subtle and cool way. Shop the dress here.

 best dressed guest – green dress code

 best dressed guest – green dress code

Dreamy Blues + Greys

You can never go wrong with wearing blue or grey, it is always a staple no matter where or when the wedding is.

Casual – we started off strong with this Charcoal Grey Notch Lapel Suit from our For Purchase Collection.  What is great is this will look amazing at the wedding, but also will be a perfect staple in your closet for any event in life.  For the dress we love this sweet dusty blue floral gown with a cute cap sleeve and cut out. Shop the dress here.

Cocktail – we literally swoon over this Steel Blue Notch Lapel Performance Suit by Michael Kors.  Not only would you be the most fashionable looking at the wedding, but also the most comfortable with its Coolmax® and stretch technology. For the gown we wanted to show a monochromatic look with this navy satin dress in a classic silhouette. Shop the dress here.

Festive – we love a mix-and-match look and this one is so festive we are living for it! A Grey Notch Lapel Suit Coat paired with a Navy Suit Pant from our Suit Separates Collection.  For the gown, we are giddy over this modern lace dusty-blue design. Shop the dress here.

Formal – This James Bond look with our deep Navy Shawl Lapel Tuxedo is just a leading man look.  All eyes will turn to you in this classic but trendy moment.  For the gown, we had to bring the inspo of all inspos…this silver tassel floor-length dreamy number! Together this couple will shimmer and shine all over the dance floor. Shop the dress here.

 best dressed guest – blue dress code

 best dressed guest – blue dress code

Black Romance

Yes, you can wear black to a wedding, and below we will show you exactly how.

Casual – you can’t go wrong with this Black Notch Lapel Suit from our Suits Separates Collection.  This will be a great staple to have in your closet.  For the dress we wanted to add some texture with this black + gold tropical look. Shop the look here.

Cocktail – now this tuxedo is too perfect for words!  It is leading man, Great Gatsby, James Bond kind of vibes.  Our Black Notch Lapel Performance Tuxedo is a great look for you to wear at any venue. For the gown we wanted to show a more fashion-forward option with this one-shoulder number. Shop the look here.

Festive – for the tuxedo we wanted to show off the texture of our Black Velvet Peak Lapel Tuxedo, and for the gown we wanted to go with a dress that had subtle festive flare – like this classic black gown with a pop of rose floral appliques trimming the bodice. Shop the look here.

Formal – we love the idea of doing this fun Black Paisley Peak Lapel Tuxedo for a fashion-forward look. For the gown we wanted a red-carpet leading lady look with this off-the-shoulder formfitting moment. Shop the look here.

 best dressed guest – black dress code

 best dressed guest – black dress code

Want more best dressed guest inspo?  Check out our blog about how to dress based on wedding venues here.  Remember to tag us to tag us in your wedding-guest photos social media!

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Obsessed with these dresses?

So are we!  Our friends at Windsor® have everything you need to style up at a wedding and beyond! Head over to their website and see all the curated Wedding Guest Dresses they have and follow them on Instagram for a daily dose of fancified fashion!